The Dark Heart of Rome


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Dark Heart of Rome
21 Nov 2017
Ahmed is a fantastic guide. Very captivating and interesting. The tour is super fun and Ahmed has a great knowledge of history and was able to answer all our follow-up questions in detail. Super guide!
Bogdan Gecic
Dark Heart of Rome
19 Nov 2017
Giacomo was AWESOME!! He did a wonderful job bringing the stories to life! All the stops were very informative and interesting! He was also very helpful after the tour in helping direct us back to our hotels and restaurants.
Gregory Hoffman
Dark Heart of Rome
18 Nov 2017
Awesome stories and the best guide possible for the tour. Will highly recommend it.
Omar Bolivar
Angels & Demons
14 Nov 2017
It was my best luck in Rome to have Mike as my tour guide: he was informative, humorous, and friendly. I was looking forward to it so badly for so long a time, and he made it to come as real to be far beyond my expectations. He also kindly recommended many other tours of City Wonders which I would have definitely taken if I had had more days in Rome. I want to say "thank you". Wish I see you again soon. :-)
Angels & Demons
12 Nov 2017
He did a great recap of the book prior to the start of the tour. He differentiated between the book version & movie version. His passion was evident. I liked how he built up the suspense at santa Maria Vittoria by telling us not to look at the ceiling until he told us to.
Tamara Ward
Dark Heart of Rome
10 Nov 2017
Our guide was excellent. 5 stars all the way.
Morne van der Ryst
Angels & Demons
09 Nov 2017
Hi there dimitri! The tour was good, I really spent an excellent time, and would recommend the tour to anyone who liked the movie or the book, but not only. The way the guide talked was great, smooth, mysterious, with a titbit of arrogance. He was a great host and would recommend the tour to anyone.
Ferit Onger
Dark Heart of Rome
07 Nov 2017
Our guide was fantastic he had a real understanding of the stories he told us and of Rome itself. He really brought the stories to life with his enthusiasm and great comical timing it was one of our favourite tours whilst in Rome and would really recommend the tour and him to anyone.
Richard Hill
Dark Heart of Rome
07 Nov 2017
This was my first tour of my holiday and what a great way to start it off! The group wasn't too large so it was easy to hear what was being said and Ahmed was more than willing to answer any questions the group had. He was very funny and his commentary as we walked only made the tour that much more enjoyable. Loved this, would definitely recommend!
Chelsea Owen
Angels & Demons
07 Nov 2017
We thoroughly enjoyed the Angels and Demons Tour. Our tour guide Jon was knowledgeable and gave great insight. He did a wonderful job and I highly recommend him. I will definitely take another tour using City Wonders.
Alison D

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